Go Farther With Fēnix Power

Vehicle Solutions

Fēnix Power is developing a family of products related to vehicle energy storage. While we are not currently developing a wholly-new vehicle, we are working on integrating our battery storage technology into a variety of EV solutions. 

There will be three families of products initially, with more to come:

  • Custom EV conversion.  Initially targetting specific gasoline sports cars, this product solution will leverage commercially available EV components for the controls and drivetrain.  We will be developing the energy storage solution for the vehicle using our universal storage products.  We currently have several customers excited about this proposition and have already placed their deposits.  These first customers will have their vehicles featured here, and you will be able to follow along in the build and design process after we begin.
  • EV Truck conversion kit.  Fēnix Power strongly believes the truck segment of the vehicle market is grossly under-served and an excellent target for our line of energy storage products.  We will be converting our flagship truck first for promotion and demonstration of our products capabilities, but this conversion will be developed into a kit form that any shade-tree mechanic can install themselves.  It’s time for a new breed of ‘engine swap’, and Fēnix Power is here to bring re-powering your truck into the future.
  • EV Battery conversion kit.  Fēnix Power will be developing adapter solutions for existing EVs to take advantage of our new storage solution, it will bring reliability, adaptability, self-management, continuous refresh, and expandability for your EV.

Coming soon:  More information on the product line itself, and the ability to place a deposit towards solving your vehicle energy needs.