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As with any startup, funding the first stage is the most challenging.  It’s the highest-risk stage of the business, which makes finding investment funding quite difficult.  For Fēnix Power this stage is all about building prototypes and proving the technical concept behind the business.   We’re currently soliciting accreditted investors to fund our R&D and production scaling that will soon follow.  But donations are welcome at any time and are always useful for us to make forward progress.

We have been leveraging the traditional approach of “Boot-Strapping” the business through self-funding efforts to provide the majority of that funding need for the last several years, but we also need YOU.  Not just for the donations or patron sponsorships, but to show investors that there is real, tangible interest from the public to see this product come to life.

Below you will find a simple PayPal donation tool for providing both your financial and intangible support.  You can select the option that is right for you.  In the future, there will be opportunities for donors to be named both on the website and in the form of a placard on our future first-stage products.  Our way of recognizing the people that helped us achieve this dream.  And not too far off we may offer an equity paired crowd funding campaign to secure the capital we need to get to market quickly.  If you haven’t already, subscribe and watch for announcements about crowdfunding options when they’re announced.

Additionally, there will be signup/pre-purchase options for our major product groups.  See the individual product pages for more information there, a pre-purchase commitment will require a $150 deposit towards a future purchase like our Leaf and Home Storage solutions.

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