Go Farther With Fēnix Power


Fēnix Power is developing a family of products related to home energy storage.  These solutions will pair with existing clean-energy solutions such as solar and wind, but they may also be used with traditional grid-power. 

Home energy storage is a new and exciting aspect of managing your energy, you can time-shift your energy needs and take advantage of lower-rate periods from your energy supplier, or provide time-shifting for your solar array or wind power solutions.  It is the ideal way to take control of your energy and manage it in a simple, easy to use, and scalable way.

Very soon we will be offering a Do-It-Yourself fixed storage kit based on the Nissan Leaf battery pack and modules. This kit will include either one or more Nissan Leaf battery packs, or bare Nissan battery modules, as well as a rack and battery management solution custom-designed to work specifically with the Nissan battery module hardware.

In the near future, as we develop our own battery module solution, it will also be available as a next-generation fixed storage solution that is highly scalable to fit the application needs. Customers opting to jump right into the DIY Nissan fixed storage solution will have reduced-cost access to the future generation of Fēnix Power fixed storage solutions. If they wish to exchange the Nissan solution for the next generation solution, Nissan module recycling can be included in the exchange at no additional cost.

Coming soon:  More information about these product lines. We are accepting pre-order deposits today that can be applied to all fixed/home storage solutions, Reserve Yours Today!