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Questions today, Answers soon!

Questions today, Answers soon!

Today I’m going through and compiling all of the questions from the Facebook AMA thread as well as the several dozen I received in response to my AMA email announcement in preparation for the AMA/Q&A video response for everyone. I hope to have the video completed and published tomorrow, we’ve been working on a few announcements that will also be included in the video, including when to expect our fixed-storage products to become available, and how soon Leaf installs will begin!

We’ve decided to skip trying this as a live event this time, we found many of our customers, fans and followers don’t all use the various social media platforms we could use for a live broadcast. But we do use Zoom for corporate meetings and it has a webinar capability with a traditional telephone dial-in capability, so we’re going to test that out for a potential future live event. We want to use the most inclusive platform possible, which Zoom seems to fit that requirement. However, along with the video, we’ll be publishing a link to vote on the best question & answer, and the people who asked the top 5 questions will be invited to join me on a trial-run of the Zoom live video tools. Which, aside from testing out that capability for us, will be a great opportunity for some real conversation! I’m always looking for input on how we’re doing, and plan on doing a lot of listening on that call.

Once we’ve got the video finalized, we will be transcribing all of the answers to each question and posting their answers as replies to each question asked both in this thread and in the individual emails I received. And from there, this will all go into a complete re-write of our website’s FAQ. So if my video reply isn’t your thing, don’t worry, the answers will be very easy to find!

I’ll be working on the questions throughout the rest of today and will include any questions submitted through the rest of today (through midnight Pacific time), so if you haven’t asked your questions yet, it’s not too late! And stay tuned, as soon as the video publishes, we’ll announce it pretty much everywhere you can follow Fēnix!

-John Bysinger
Founder & CEO of Fēnix Power

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