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Taking responsibility

Hello, I’ve been looking through our Facebook customer forum, and our support email system, and it looks like the employee we lost that was covering customer support dropped the ball much earlier than we thought. I should have personally been checking in here much more often and deeply apologize for the lack of responsiveness. As the CEO, everything about Fenix is on me, I take full responsibility for this failing and will personally take more time to ensure a better customer experience.

We are getting close to installs, and I’m still pushing hard to get installs started within Q1, which means before the end of March. Our delays came from an investor failing to live up to his commitment to us, a hard lesson for us, but one that I’m not letting stop us from forward motion.

It is my dream to keep good EVs on the road for decades past the end of their manufacturer warranties. This is my life for more than half a decade now, and I have no intention of stopping any time soon. So again, I’m sorry we failed many of you, and I will do what I can to ensure our customers feel taken care of. Our subscription is supposed to deliver a worry-free experience, and currently many of you are worried. I’m going to earn your confidence back, emphasis on earn.

Thank you all for holding on this long, I hear you, and we’re still coming.

-John Bysinger, CEO

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