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Home Storage – Small – 3.8kWh


Our smallest and most flexible 48V fixed storage solution.  Designed around top quality battery cells reclaimed from the popular EV, the BMW i3!

Electrical Specifications

Nominal Voltage: 52.5V

Voltage Range: 42V ~ 58.8V

Capacity: 3.8kWh

Configuration: 12S

Chemistry: Li-ion

Maximum Charge Current: 65A

Maximum Discharge Current: 130A

Cell Over Charge: 4.20V

Cell Over Discharge: 2.75V

Breaker: 63A

BMS: 65A

Physical Specifications

Length: 16.25in

Width: 9.75in

Height: 28.5in

Weight: 160lbs

Operational Specifications

Operational Temp Range: -20℃ ~ 50℃

Storage Temp Range: -40℃ ~ 55℃


Voltage Meter % (LED)


Anderson Quick Connect: SB50 (Grey) with 6 gauge wire

Other Features

Stack able or Side-by-Side for Parallel

Removable casters for portability

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Our smallest storage solution is more like flexible storage than it is fixed storage.  Sufficient enough to run your whole home’s energy needs during a power outage, and large enough to pair with any industry-standard solar charge controller to time-shift the suns energy for night-time use or reduce peak demand use to further shrink your power bill.  Yet compact enough to work as a replacement for an RV or trailer’s gas-powered generator, eliminating yet another fossil-fuel energy system from your life!

Built as a 48V DC power source with Anderson Power Products quick disconnects, it integrates into your existing solar installation or un-interruptible power supply.  Easily recharges fully in just over 5 hours.  Multiple units can be connected together to increase storage capacity or to grow your system as your needs grow.

*Note: BaaS lifetime warranty and benefits not available with our small home storage solution, BaaS is currently only available for Nissan module based storage devices.  Subject to change, if we move to include BMW-battery based storage solutions in our BaaS subscription program, owners will be notified and offered the opportunity to opt-in to BaaS.

Weight 160 oz
Dimensions 16.25 × 9.75 × 28.5 in