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Fēnix Corvette C5 Conversion


NOTE:  This product is for the US and Canada markets only at this time.

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As part of our battery solution development efforts, we’ll be building a Corvette technology demonstrator.  This car will serve to show a new vision for energy storage in electric vehicles.  During the development of this tech demonstrator, we will be documenting the conversion process, and if requested by a qualified buyer, we will build a Corvette EV conversion for them as well.  These will be boutique builds, price negotiable depending on installation options, but does require a pre-paid deposit for work to begin, more information below.

We’re currently only accepting pre-orders for our Fēnix C5 conversions, these early reservations will get additional features and a signed and numbered commemorative plaque for mounting on their vehicle.   As our flagship model, you get priority in the production order and your car will be showcased with the Fēnix brand.   For our early interest customers, we require a $1,000 deposit.  After we begin production of our Nissan LEAF battery product, our C5 deposit will rise to $5,000.

The target price for our Corvette kits will likely be over $100,000 depending on performance, interior, and other customization options available for our customers.  We can source the Corvette chassis for an additional price.  Full pricing will be available when we begin the production of these amazing cars.

NOTE:  This product is for the US and Canada markets only at this time.

For customers outside of the U.S. and Canada, see our International Deposit Page.