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Last chance to board Fēnix’s first Flight!

Happy Father’s Day to all of our Fēnix Power fans who are also fathers! If you’re among those who are anxious to get your CPO Battery installation scheduled soon but haven’t yet pre-paid for yours, today is the last day to sign up for our inaugural first flight!

Boarding now!

What’s a flight?  And why is boarding ending?

In order to find a good balance between fast delivery and optimized shipping, we are adopting a deployment plan that steps right into a long-term installation cadence.  To achieve this, instead of having just one launch, we have 16 launches each year, each launch starts a group of new customers away from battery worries.  We’re calling these groups; Flights, and here’s how they will work:

  • Every flight will last up to 10 weeks, most will be closer to 8.
  • The first 3 weeks are open for “Boarding”, essentially the sign-up period.
  • Week 4 batteries begin to ship to installers.
  • Week 5 installation scheduling begins.
  • Weeks 6-9 Battery installations.
  • Weeks 10+  Enjoying that new car feeling all over again!

Since we’re starting in the middle of 2020, our first Flight didn’t start boarding until, the first week of June, week 23, which means we will only have 10 Flights this year.   While we already have quite a few of you checked in for Flight 1,  boarding for Flight 1 will be closing faster than you think!  All of our weeks begin on Monday and end Sunday night, so boarding for our inaugural flight is scheduled to end today, Sunday, June 21st! 

Missing out on this flight’s boarding means your installation scheduling would push back into August, so don’t wait too long to book your installation!

And remember, our Flights are intended to help us take advantage of multiple installs in the same market, so below are the markets already on this Flight.  Don’t see your location?  That’s ok, this flight can always make more stops!

Fēnix Flight 1June 21stGuntersville, AZCPO InstallBoarding
Fēnix Flight 1June 21stPhoenix AreaCPO InstallBoarding
Fēnix Flight 1June 21stLos Angeles AreaCPO InstallBoarding
Fēnix Flight 1June 21stSan Francisco AreaCPO InstallBoarding
Fēnix Flight 1June 21stDenver AreaCPO InstallBoarding
Fēnix Flight 1June 21stHawaii IslandCPO InstallBoarding
Fēnix Flight 1June 21stGreensboro, NCCPO InstallBoarding
Fēnix Flight 1June 21stColumbus, OHCPO InstallBoarding
Fēnix Flight 1June 21stPortland AreaCPO InstallBoarding
Fēnix Flight 1June 21stPhiladelphia AreaCPO InstallBoarding
Fēnix Flight 1June 21stKnoxville, TNCPO InstallBoarding
Fēnix Flight 1June 21stChattanooga, TNCPO InstallBoarding
Fēnix Flight 1June 21stSeattle AreaCPO InstallBoarding
Fēnix Flight 1June 21stSpokane, WACPO InstallBoarding
Fēnix Flight 2July 12thYOUR HOME HERECPO InstallON-TIME
Fenix Flight 3Aug. 2ndYOUR HOME HERECPO InstallON-TIME
Cities and Metropolitan areas included in our first flights.

Remember, we have nearly 80 installers going through our evaluation and approval process!  We’re just as picky (if nor more so) when it comes to selecting our installers as we are about testing and choosing which batteries we install in your car.  By the end of 2020, we expect to have a network covering the lower 48, Hawaii, parts of the Caribbean, many Canadian provinces, and possibly reaching other markets overseas.  You’ll be able to board a flight wherever you are!

Fly with Fēnix, with more batteries coming to more places, soon we’ll be the only way you’ll want to travel!  Come make history with us as the first major nationwide network of Electric Vehicle battery replacement businesses, here for you when your battery needs us most.  And don’t forget:

Our FIRST FLIGHT’s last day to book is TODAY June 21st!

Book now and you’ll be able to say: 

                  “I was part of the launch of Fēnix Power’s first Flight!”

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