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Announcing our first markets!

Announcing our first markets!

Our cash-purchase customer wait is over!

We made more progress towards our subscriber launch today, and expect to announce our readiness there before the end of June!  But in the meantime, as you saw from us on Monday, we’re already moving forward for our cash-only customers!

If you’re ready to join our first group of installations, use the buttons below to take advantage of this first wave of installs!  And as the text on that second button indicates, if you’ve been holding out, waiting to see installs start before making a reservation, for a VERY short time while we work on our subscription launch, it’s possible to skip the wait and buy now!  We have nearly 700 people waiting for our subscription program to launch, many with deep battery aging that needs to be addressed, so to be completely fair to them, once we launch our subscription installs, this short-cut will evaporate and you’ll have to wait at the back of the line again!

We’re offering these cash-purchase installs at a $500 discount for our launch for an affordable total cost of $3999, no hidden fees, shipping, and old-pack recycling included!  If you’re one of our many customers holding a reservation, your existing discounts will apply to $1,500 of that $3999 installation costs as promised!  This is for a 24kWh CPO Nissan Battery pack.  For those customers, their installation cost balance will come due at the time of install and will vary depending on how early you placed your reservation.

We’re fast approaching two-dozen cash-install purchases already, and have identified our FIRST TEN INSTALL MARKETS! 

(Note: there may be more than one installer in each of the larger markets, watch in the coming days and weeks as we’ll be announcing each installation partner business individually as we bring them online!)

  • The Greater Los Angeles California Area
  • The San Francisco Bay, California Area
  • The Greater New York City and Northern New Jersey Area
  • The Greater Charlotte, North Carolina Area
  • The Orlando and Tampa Florida Areas
  • The Greater Phoenix Arizona Area
  • The Greater Seattle and Puget Sound, Washington State Area
  • The Knoxville, Tennessee Area
  • The Greater Denver Colorado Area
  • The Greater Philadelphia Pennsylvania Area

Two markets that will follow those very quickly!:

  • Vancouver and Victoria British Columbia, Canada
  • Honolulu, Hawaii

We will be arranging shipping to our installers in these markets at the end of next week and will be shipping out batteries in batches when we can, so if YOU are in one of these areas?  Getting your install ordered in the next 5-6 days could mean the difference of ditching your old, aged battery several weeks sooner!

To our B.C. and other Canadian customers:  We’ve been working with a customs and logistics broker to sort the challenges of international shipping of lithium batteries and how to navigate Canada’s tax structures and are quite near to formalizing and scheduling deliveries to our friends to the North.  We have several installers near you that are just as anxious as you all are for us to officially announce when Canadian installs are starting.  Not long now!

And for our customers in Hawaii, while there’s no customs issue, we’re sure you’re all quite familiar with the shipping challenges your beautiful islands enjoy!  We will be reaching out to all of our existing Hawaiian reservation holders next week to see if we can package up enough batteries to serve all of you in one shipment!  We have a logistics partner that can deliver door to door from our supplier to our installer on the island, and if we can bundle every pack needed into one shipping container?  We can avoid adding any additional shipping fees.

If you’re on Honolulu and are interested in our Home Storage products, we can arrange to bundle those purchases into our Leaf Battery shipping effort as well, again helping keep shipping costs more affordable for everyone!  Watch for email and social media announcements with updates about our Hawaiian shipping efforts over the next several weeks, ordering soon has the potential to literally save hundreds of dollars in shipping expenses!

And one final note:  For all of our customers in markets not listed above, but ready for their battery installation:  Don’t Panic!  We expect this list to grow quite a bit over the next week, and even more so over the weeks and months that follow.  If your home town isn’t listed, we are absolutely NOT limiting our first group to only this list!  We’re meeting with a half dozen installers or more every single day, and again, follow our social accounts (links below) to learn about those individual businesses.  Every new installer we sign up will get its own introduction announcement in the coming weeks.  And check back with our Local Installation information page soon as you will definitely see our network grow there in the coming weeks as well.   

Stay Tuned!

         -The Fēnix Power Team

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