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Home/Fixed storage products are shipping!

We had planned on shipping our fixed storage batteries back in February but the Coronavirus pandemic forced our suppliers to put most of their operations on hold. However, now that the Covid-19 restrictions are easing, our suppliers are also now getting back to work, and so can we!

All of our home/fixed storage products are ready to ship TODAY!

While our EV installs are getting closer, and we’re meeting with current and prospective installers every day getting our first markets ready for that launch, there’s no wait for putting batteries to use immediately in your home, business, or even in your trailer or RV!

Below you can see our three new fixed storage solutions that are now available. Note: All three of our new storage solutions are built using today’s Electric Vehicle battery technology, our new next-generation storage solutions built upon our Fēnix Power modular architecture are still in development.

Small Home Storage
Small Home Storage
48V 3.8 kWh
Standard Home Storage
Standard Home Storage
48V 8kWh
Large Home Storage
Large Home Storage
16 kWh

And buying our first-generation fixed storage batteries won’t become a hassle when our next-generation storage is ready to ship. These newly announced systems are compatible with our next-generation hardware, and fixed-storage customers will be offered discounts on the Fēnix designed systems for either expansion or full conversion when they complete development! For customers seeking to buy today and then completely replace later, we will be offering to buy-back your first-generation hardware for refurbishment or recycling. Fēnix Power will never send a battery to a landfill, setting up our recycling partners came long before our battery suppliers!

Click here to find them in our store, ready to ship!


Don’t worry it’s a small one! We use @FenixPowerCo for our name and branding on all of our social media accounts. Well, YouTube has a rule that states that we need at least 100 followers to change our channel’s name.

We’re sure you’ll agree that FenixPowerCo is MUCH easier to remember than UC1_KjXfwrXFZof9dmQCmH3Q is, right? We’re nearly there, right now we have 72 subscribers, so if only 28 more of you subscribed, we could FINALLY get to change our YouTube URL!



So if you could, click on that ugly link ^^ up there, and help make finding us on social media just a little bit easier.


Well, that didn’t take long at all! We started today with 70 YouTube subscribers, and then we made our request above. It took less than 10 minutes for us to pass 100! At this time we’re now sitting at 139, nearly doubling our subscriber count. Thanks to all of you we were finally able to change our channel’s URL to match all of our other accounts.

Finally our channel’s URL is much more human-readable:


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