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New Zealand’s Alert Level 3!

New Zealand’s Alert Level 3!

This isn’t exactly Fēnix Power’s own news, but in this global economy and the global Covid-19 pandemic, progress made on one side of our big blue marble has real impacts on the other side!

One of the delays that we at Fēnix have been trying to work around, is that a business partner of ours, EVs Enhanced, an EV business out of Christchurch, New Zealand, has been in something of a hibernation mode during the pandemic. New Zealand placed restrictions on shipping such that only necessary items could be shipped, effectively placing EVs Enhanced on pause indefinitely.

EVs Enhanced starts to wake up!
EVs Enhanced starts to wake up!

Well, as of tomorrow, April 28th, New Zealand time, the country will be shifting to what they are calling Covid-19 Alert Level 3. For both EVs Enhanced and Fēnix, this means we can both start bringing our businesses back towards a more normal operating state. For our customers, this means we now have a ‘soft’ answer for when installations will actually begin. While we work through the details, read more about this update on EVs Enhanced.

I’m sure you’re all wondering what I mean by a soft answer. In short, it means that this week I will be meeting with the leadership of both EVs Enhanced and BigBattery, as well as the owners of several key markets where we intend to launch installations. It is my own goal to convert this soft answer into hard facts and a schedule we can share by the end of this week!

48V Fixed Storage Battery

And as a bonus, as if starting installs wasn’t exciting enough for everyone, this week we are also adding fixed storage batteries to our online store! Like our CPO Nissan Leaf Batteries, these will be supplied by BigBattery and use battery modules recycled out of Nissan Leaf battery packs. We’re working to get some good specification data and photos from BigBattery, but expect to find them in our store, also before the end of this week! You can still place a reservation for them right up until we list them for sale in the store, reservations will get priority of course!

This also means that this news has had us delay our AMA/Q&A reply video, but again, more good news, this means that I can include more answers about how planning our install launch is going, as well as more information about EVs Enhanced, and our new fixed-storage solution! We should have that video published tomorrow… stay tuned!

This is truly an exciting week for everyone, and definitely a big step for Fēnix!

-John Bysinger
Founder & CEO of Fēnix Power

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