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AMA with John Bysinger

Some of our more internet-savvy followers may recognize the AMA or Ask Me Anything format popularized by Reddit, which is essentially a moderated Q&A session. Often on Reddit they enlist a celebrity or high-profile figure of some kind to open themselves up for a Q&A session. With all that is going on with Fēnix, recent delays related to Covid-19, supplier and funding challenges, and simply the many questions people have about our planned products and service, we have decided we should host our own AMA!

We have created a post in our Facebook Customer Forum which will serve as the primary location for everyone to post their questions for John, our CEO. If you have a question you would like John to answer, please post it there. We will hold the Facebook post “open” over this next week (through April 24th) and this coming weekend (time and date to be determined) John will answer as many questions as is practical via a video broadcast. We are looking into several options for possibly making this a live video session, and will report back to this thread if we move forward with a live broadcast. After the broadcast, we will also transcribe the answers and post their replies to the questions posted below.

Rules: Please keep posts polite. Prior to posting a question, please browse through other’s questions to avoid repetition. If your question is related to another but seeks clarification, post yours as a reply to the parent question. Questions don’t specifically have to be Fēnix related!

Follow this link to post a question to the AMA thread on Facebook!

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