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Early Survey Results

Early Survey Results

While we aren’t planning on closing our first round of Survey data until the 25th of January, many customers have asked about the results of the surveys, especially when it comes to helping those with real battery degradation. So here are some preliminary results that we’re thrilled to share. Out of nearly 500 customer reservations, just over 200 of you participated in the survey, an outstanding participation rate by any measure. But the one statistic that stands out the most, is just how many of you are willing to let a fellow struggling Leaf owner get help ahead of yourselves. Nearly 40% of our customers put someone else ahead of themselves, simply amazing to us to see that kind of generosity!

What won’t surprise most of you, most of our customers own 2011-2012 Leafs, by a combined total of nearly 69%. But what may be surprising is we have a few late-model owners as well, in speaking with these customers, they all know that their warranty does eventually come to an end and they need to plan ahead since Nissan isn’t.

Probably the most surprising data point, and one that has us suspicious of Nissan’s BMS software practices (which won’t be the first time any of us are suspicious of those), is what’s going on with the 3rd battery health bar? The reason normal distribution is called that is that things are supposed to be statistically predictable. This result certainly was not predictable, here are the average number of lost battery health bars as reported by the dash:

Nissan, what’s this all about?

On the topic of “You’re not alone.” Only 40% of you report being able to commute still without extra charging. And one in five of you have stopped using it for your commute thanks to degradation, this is Fenix’s reason for existing. Surveys may say that an 80-mile car will fit 90% of people’s daily needs, but when your battery ages, those surveys aren’t much comfort anymore.

And more reasons to motivate us. We’ve long said that with a battery solution, these cars should last for decades, well this certainly supports that. Something unheard of in ICE car ownership, a whopping 86% of you are still on your original factory brake pads!

And the last data point we’re sharing today is related to service and repair. While our focus is on battery, it is our goal to enable our partners to become EV service specialists, so we wanted to know what else can go wrong with our trusted Leafs, and the most common failure? The climate control unit failed for 3 of our customers. While that might not sound like a lot, it is the one we’ve seen reported the most anecdotally in forums online, the 2nd most common failure we’ve seen online is the charging controller. The charging unit didn’t stand out in our surveys, but we plan to put together training materials for our partners to address both of these issues soon after battery installs begin. We all love that our cars don’t need very much service, but it would be great if we all had someplace to go that we could trust with the repairs that do arise.

We have quite a few other great lessons from our surveys, but most are from the comment-style questions. We’ll compile some of the best and some of the most sobering responses we’ve seen there to share in the coming week as well. So watch for that later!

For people waiting to find out when we’ll be able to help as the wait has been far too long already, here is what is to come. After we close this round of surveys on the 25th, we will work through our reservation list broken down by city and region to identify everyone in need. Then during the last week of January, we will be reaching out individually to all who requested faster help with the full list of choices available to you, along with details showing everything from costs to our guarantees behind those options and how that works for you.

In that email, you’ll have a link to schedule a call for some one on one time with a Fenix employee to answer questions and if you so chose, to start the install process. For some that will mean jumping right to scheduling time with an existing partner we’re already speaking with, and for others, we will work with you to find a local business target for us to bring into the Fenix family.

For those opting to wait, watch for an email from us with that same package of details for early battery options. It won’t be long before we’ll be contacting each of those in our waiting group as well. Help is on the way!

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