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CleanTechnica EV Survey Data

CleanTechnica EV Survey Data

If you haven’t noticed already, a lot of articles in this blog are about data different organizations, businesses, and governments are collecting. That’s no coincidence. When it comes to making a good product, or more importantly, a product that matters, you have to sift through a lot of data and adjust accordingly going forward. Any entity that doesn’t consider the data will get outmaneuvered by competitors who do.

Information about batteries, vehicles, and other technological things does very little without data about the drivers and buyers of vehicles, and that’s exactly what we see from CleanTechnica again in their latest report.

When it came to seeing what electrified vehicle owners want to buy next, Tesla was basically the most popular. With the best ranges and best charging networks, that should be no surprise. Also popular (more than half also liked these), were the Kia Niro EV, Hyundai Kona EV, Nissan LEAF, Chevy Bolt, and Renault Zoe.

When it comes to how much range a prospective buyer wanted, they found that people generally want more than 200 miles. What was surprising, though, was that there are upper limits to people’s expectations. Most buyers didn’t expect their next EV to have more than 340 miles of range.

Another interesting set of findings were related to solar:

“Respondents were also quite likely to have rooftop solar panels — 32–52% of respondents indicated they had rooftop solar — and another 10–15% of respondents planned to be getting solar panels soon. Plug-in hybrid drivers and Tesla drivers in North America were least likely to have rooftop solar (32% of each group), but 14–15% of them expected to go solar soon. Tesla and other pure-EV drivers in the UK were most likely to have rooftop solar (52% and 43%, respectively), and another 10–14% (respectively) planned to go solar soon.”

All of this goes to show just how strong the market for solar is among EV buyers. When you also consider that the environment remains an important motivator among EV drivers, this should be no surprise.

We’re also starting to send out our own surveys to customers and mailing list subscribers to learn more about how EV battery degradation impacts people’s lives, watch for an update later that shares some of the statistics we’ve learned. It truly is amazing how much restriction people will live with as their batteries fade, simply because they love their car, the EV movement, and what it means for cleaner air.

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