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Answers Tomorrow!

Hello fans and customers,

Tomorrow is a day I have been looking forward to for quite some time. As Founder & CEO of Fēnix Power, I have invested years working to solve some of the biggest obstacles to electric vehicle adoption. While I love the growth and energy we see today in electric vehicles, I believe there is still a better way.

We’re all aware of just how much the battery is center to the challenges that EVs face. The cost of cells raises the price of the cars above their ICE competitors, and as all of our Leaf owning customers can attest to, the cost of replacing those batteries as the vehicle ages has been largely ignored by the manufacturers. And contributing to this challenge, the manufacturers aren’t motivated to help owners after the warranty has expired.

In building Fēnix I have spoken to hundreds of you along the way, and I have heard story after story from Leaf owners feeling their worlds get smaller and smaller as their batteries age. Yet each of you has a passion for your cars and for EV that is truly inspiring. Many of you took a risk on one of the first truly affordable EVs before the world had begun to accept the inevitable EV future we can all see today.

It is through learning from each of you and your stories that we are driven and focused on bringing the help you’re looking for. Tomorrow evening we take a big step forward in delivering on our commitment to each of you. And tomorrow, I will personally tell you all about what 2020 brings for Fēnix Power and how we’re going to change your battery stories for good.

Until tomorrow evening…

John Bysinger
Founder & CEO of Fēnix Power

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