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Bollinger’s Prototypes

Bollinger’s Prototypes

Another thing we saw at the Los Angeles Auto show was Bollinger’s latest prototypes. At their booth, they had both the pickup and the SUV versions.

We got a good look at the interior, suspension, and cooling systems, but couldn’t get many good photos because the trucks were swarming with YouTube personalities all trying to film at the same time.

What we did see was a nice, simple truck that’s designed to be a truck. There were no fancy displays, extra features, or creature comforts. There wasn’t even carpeting, so you can simply wash mud and dirt out with a garden hose if needed.

What it lacks in luxury, it has in terms of bare off-road capability. We saw a simple suspension with Hummer-like portal gears at each wheel to keep maximum ground clearance.

Another interesting thing we noticed was that the cooling system draws most of its air through either side of the hood. Not only does this protect it from rocks and other off-road debris, but should make servicing the system a lot easier than on many other liquid-cooled EVs.

While the Bollinger shocked a lot of people with its upcoming $125,000 price tag, it’s definitely a no-nonsense truck that’s designed to do one thing and do it well.

Some of you may notice we have a new contributor on the team with posts like these, Jennifer Sensiba has joined us and will be bringing both Fēnix news, and articles like these to share exciting things going on in the EV industry. We’re excited to have her on board as a content contributor and helping spread the word about what we’re doing at Fēnix Power.

With this post, I’m a bit jealous of Jennifer! I’ve been following the progress of Bollinger quite closely and am one of those who had a reservation in for their original 2 door concept. My interest in Bollinger comes from both my own long-time interest in off-road exploration, having owned more Jeeps than I care to admit, but in the EV space, they represent something I think the industry as a whole seems to forget: That a vehicle being electric doesn’t mean it must also be a small/compact economy hatchback. You can electrify any vehicle class and see the impressive performance and usability gains associated with EV. Bollinger gets this, and I hope others will follow suit!

-John Bysinger

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