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A Quick Look at the Upcoming Mini Electric

A Quick Look at the Upcoming Mini Electric

When I was at the Los Angeles Auto Show last week, I saw a few very interesting cars and a whole lot of cars that looked like clones of each other, right down to the drivetrains. While not amazing in terms of specs, the upcoming electric Mini is going to at least shake things up a bit.

While it has the same classic-inspired looks as other Minis, they changed a few things. Obviously, they added an electric drivetrain and a battery pack in place of the gasoline-powered inner workings it had before, but they changed a lot of other little things to make it unique.

For starters, they added a lime green/yellow accent package, including touches on the front grille area, custom wheels, mirrors, and a few other areas.

The front grille emblem.
The same emblem on the side marker area.

In addition to the exterior cues, interior cues and controls are set up to not only match the theme, but help create a good driving experience.

While it has digital displays, it’s set up to stay true to other Minis in shape and placement. Also, it still has switches and knobs (for ease of use while driving and keeping one’s eyes on the road).

The shifter and multi-control is set up for simple operation. To go forward, tip the shifter back. To reverse, tip the shifter forward. It gives a good, positive engagement, so you know whether you got it into the right “gear”. Putting it into Park is done with a button, and the parking brake is electronic.

Finally, it’s worth noting that they haven’t finalized the US design. What they showed us at the Auto Show is set up for a European CCS standard, and not the US plug with the integrated J1772 port.

We may yet see changes before they finalize the new design for the U.S. market. Regardless of how all these fun variations turn out, we’re looking forward to building our batteries to fit the Mini too in 2028!

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