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Introducing Our LEAF Test Fleet

Introducing Our LEAF Test Fleet

In a recent post, we gave you a quick peek at our new facility. Yes, we know there are a lot of questions people have about the facility, and we are listening! Soon, we will have posts with answers to most of these questions.

Before we do that, though, we wanted to give a peek at our growing fleet of LEAF vehicles. Our goal is to have a LEAF for every major change made, which means we need most model years on hand. That way, we can test every year to make sure all of our customers get what they need with no ugly surprises.

Most of the customers with the biggest problems are owners of 2011, 2012, and 2013 LEAFs, so we started there.

This is our 2011 LEAF, and his nickname is BlueLeafy. His battery isn’t in the best shape (like many his age), but he’s all ready to help keep many of his brothers and sisters on the road. His nickname (like the others) was given to him by his owner who is lending him to us for our testing. We will be returning BlueLeafy fully upgraded with our technology after testing is complete.

This is our 2012, nicknamed “RedBull”. There’s not a lot to share about this one, other than that it’s also degraded and needs some new life. However, our staff has used this one to run errands, and we know it’s running well before we have had any chance to make repairs or improvements. RedBull can go 30-40 miles on a charge and doesn’t have a CHAdeMO port.

This is our 2013, nicknamed SweatLeaf. This one might have to be more of a teardown and deep-testing car. While it’s degraded like the others, the onboard charger is broken and can’t take a charge any more. For a car that only runs on electricity, and relies a lot on home charging, that’s a far less than ideal condition.

Either way, it’s going to be doing many, many other LEAF owners a huge favor by saving their LEAFs from dying.

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