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Fenix Power Moving Into New Facility

Fenix Power Moving Into New Facility

Before showing off our new facility, the Fenix team wants to thank our loyal customers for their patience and faith in us so far. We know that there have been a number of skeptics on social media, and one of the big questions we keep getting is, “Where are you going to do everything you’re promising?”

After working with our reservation customers, our investors, and our team, we’ve got the funding and plan finalized, and we are ready to get this project started and on the road!

After careful consideration and planning, we’ve finally selected and secured a space to start getting everything ready to re-energize our customers’ vehicles! Without further ado, here’s a peek at the place where it’s all going to happen:

Our new facility, on the outskirts of the Charlotte, North Carolina metro area, has plenty of room to get the job done.

We now have 7500 square feet of space, including about 2500 square feet of office space. With the two largest office rooms, we will have a prototyping lab and a testing room with the frame and electronics of a Nissan LEAF for easy access to the electronic components for testing.

The rest of the office space will be used by our growing team to work together on everything from marketing to making sure we have a steady supply of raw materials for our LEAF customers’ new battery packs.

While several members of our team have had plenty of fun as “shadetree mechanics” in the past, that’s not going to work for Fenix. Keeping all of this work out of the elements not only is better for our team’s comfort and safety, but helps us make sure your vehicle’s delicate electronics work all happens away from the moisture and dust of the outdoors.

Your vehicle wasn’t built outside, so it definitely can’t start its second life outdoors.

Most of our new facility’s space is going to be used for working on our growing fleet of test cars, and eventually, our first customers’ vehicles. With three large bay doors and around 5000 square feet inside, there’s plenty of room for all of our tools that we plan on moving inside in the near future.

Working on a few cars might not seem like it would need this much space, but battery work takes a lot more space than working on combustion cars. Part of the space will be dedicated to assembling pack modules, and then assembling battery packs to fit directly in the vehicles. Once the pack is ready, we need space to remove the old pack, set it aside, and have the new pack ready to roll under and install.

In short, it takes around 2-3x the space as working on combustion vehicles to do all this, but with this new facility, space will not be a problem!

We also need plenty of warehouse room for arriving shipments, and soon, large crate shipments going out.

Another great thing about our facility is that it’s fully equipped with a loading dock for semi-truck pickups and deliveries on one end. When we start bulk orders of battery cells and other materials needed to get your Nissan LEAF (and later other makes/models) ready for a new life, we have things ready to do this safely and professionally.

Also, when we start sending packs out for install at other facilities and independent shops around the U.S. and around the world, we are ready for that, too!

One of the first things to come up the ramp was our test vehicles. To make sure we meet the needs of all customers, we are putting a test fleet together with at least one vehicle from every model year. This way, our customers don’t get any nasty surprises with their new packs!

By having a variety of different vehicles, all of the differences that happen from year to year will be prepared for, and every customer will get the seamless experience they expect when breathing new life into their vehicles.

Be sure to check back soon or subscribe for our blog updates. In our next post, it’s Show and Tell time for the latest additions to the Fenix family: our growing fleet of test vehicles who will be living at this new facility. Like any new pets, they already have names and personalities.

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