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Our CEO visits Silicon Valley!

Our CEO visits Silicon Valley!

Hello Fēnix followers!

I’m John Bysinger, the founder & CEO of Fēnix, I’m about to head to the airport to go visit Silicon Valley this weekend. I’ll be presenting at the Silicon Valley Electric Auto Association meeting tomorrow, and will have some time between meetings to get out and meet some of you in person. I’m still working out the details of my schedule, but will be hunting for one or more good times and places to make myself available for in-person Q&A and to talk about the exciting future of Fēnix Power. Lots going on behind the scenes lately with some big announcements coming very soon. Follow us here or on your favorite social media platform, once I sort out when and where I will be, I will be sharing it across all of our social outlets. I think I may make at least one of the locations at a public charging spot, as I know many of you have a restricted range these days.


I’m at the Stanford Mall near Stanford U until 5:00 today, right across from the parking garage and it’s dozens of chargers I’ll be outside near PressedJuicery

-John Bysinger


I did have a few people stop by to chat about Fēnix, one follows us on twitter, another saw our post on Instagram. Neither were Leaf owners, but both drove EVs, so we had great conversations anyway! One drove a Smart EV and was curious if we planned on developing a battery for his car someday, and we do. So it was a good chance to talk about how we’re developing our pack and modules to be adaptable to a variety of vehicles and use cases. The cars we get asked about most often (in no specific order) are generally the cars referred to as California Compliance Cars like the Smart EV, the RAV4, the e-Golf, and a few others. Our goal is to support as many aging EVs as possible in the coming years, but for us to get to market and make the best use of our pre-revenue resources, staying focused on the Leaf gives us the highest odds of success.

Another reason for our focus on an adaptable design, is we believe our Battery as a Service subscription model will be attractive enough for some customers to choose us before their warranty runs out or before their batteries are horribly degraded. There are even some reservation holders who agree with this, our newest model year Leaf (that we know of) with a deposit is a 2015 that’s only lost 2 bars. With this in mind we may even expand our vehicle offerings to include cars like the Chevy Bolt, and yes even the Tesla S and X! I specifically didn’t list the Model 3 here as Tesla has done something different with the 3, there are quite a few non-battery components inside the pack housing in the 3. So offering a product for the 3 isn’t quite as simple as for the S or X. But regardless of the brand and model, we hope to provide a useful alternative for people who don’t want to give up the cars they love as their batteries age.

Thanks to both followers who showed up, and a quick apology about the short notice, we plan on doing more of this and will try to let everyone know much sooner!

-John Bysinger

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