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Fēnix reviewed by DaveinOlyWA

Dave Laur, a long-time Leaf advocate, a voice for EV in general and avid blogger has generously taken the time to get to know Fēnix and write about us.  We’re painfully aware of how early we’ve made our Leaf announcement and the need for more details for our customers, but we had a great conversation with Dave and shared a bit more with him than we can with the public in general.  And his review and assessment of us looks quite fair and highlights some of the questions and hesitations we’re seeing this early in the product release.  One thing is very certain:  Leaf customers are excellent skeptics and more knowledgeable about their vehicles and technology than most car buyers, which makes them tough customers.  But we’re confident as we get closer to production we’ll win them over and thrilled to be able to solve the long-time problems the Leaf has had:  no upgrade path, expensive battery replacement, and battery degradation.  It’s a great car, and we’re here to make it even better!

Take a look at Dave’s article on us and his other write-ups which are all very informative about the Leaf and EV in general.


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