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Press Release, Announcing C5, Leaf Pack, and BaaS Products


Fēnix Power announces the development of a new “Fēnix Battery as a Service” model for Electric Vehicles, and available in 2019 for Nissan Leaf and other EV Models.

Hendersonville NC, September 25, 2018. Fēnix Power Inc. is announcing that it is developing a new “Fēnix Battery as a Service” implementation for the Electric Vehicle Market. The intent is this new technology service will be available for original EV implementations and Battery replacement capability.”, states John Bysinger, CEO of Fenix Power Inc.
Fēnix Power, an EV focused startup originated out of Seattle, Washington, has recently relocated to the North Carolina area to co-locate with both the automotive industry and talent as well as to be closer to automotive enthusiasts in NASCAR’s backyard. Fēnix Power brings a fresh idea to the Electric Vehicle industry, the idea that the battery is not a component of the car, but a function of the fuel. With that in mind, Fēnix Power is striving to bring new technology and intelligence into the battery itself. This shift in thinking allows for new functionality and opportunity in the battery space.

By breaking down the monolithic single-part component that is the modern EV battery pack into smaller intelligent modules operating both independently and as a cohesive unit in the vehicle, Fēnix Power can remove the high cost of the battery from the vehicle’s complete cost. By leveraging modern wireless communications and the immutable data ledger that BlockChain provides, Fēnix Power can deliver battery modules that are remotely monitored and proactively replaced under a new Battery as a Service model. To demonstrate the usability and functionality of this new model Fēnix Power is announcing two new product lines and is currently taking deposits for early customers with deliveries starting and of Summer 2019:

The Fēnix Power C5:

Fēnix Power has just announced a limited run of 25 Fifth Generation Chevrolet Corvettes (1997-2004) that will be converted to wholly electric drivetrains in 5 stunning custom colors and 3 stages of performance available. This “Collectors Series” vehicles are sure to become instant classics with a new technology twist. Every Corvette includes the Fēnix Power Battery as a Service model, and the first 5 sold will be a stunning Fēnix Fire Orange and will come with FREE subscriptions to a never-degrading, never-aging, always-performing battery. Fēnix Power is taking reservations now at: http://fenixpower.wpengine.com/fenix-corvette

The Fēnix Power Leaf Battery:

Fēnix Power has also just announced a full pack replacement product for the Nissan Leaf (2011-2017) that replaces the stock battery module with Fēnix Power’s Battery as a Service technology. This pack replacement will enable the Nissan Leaf to stay at peak performance nearly indefinitely with a pack that is easily serviced and maintained in top performance. Fēnix Power will be identifying service agents in key markets to perform battery module replacement services for Fēnix Power Leaf Pack owners. This replacement service is free for as long as the vehicle is subscribed to the service. Additionally, with a core-exchange of the old, stock pack, our Battery as a Service product is a LOW cost installation with a simple, affordable monthly service subscription. Fēnix Power is taking deposits for early adopter battery customers starting immediately. These early customers have early access to the Fēnix Power service and may enjoy discounts on their subscriptions as well: http://fenixpower.wpengine.com/leafbattery

Fēnix Power plans to deliver the first versions of these products beginning at the end of Summer 2019, with additional exciting products leveraging this new Battery as a Service technology soon. Something to look forward to: We plan on developing a conversion kit that can be installed by a skilled home mechanic in nearly every generation of Ford F-Series pickups going back for 2 decades, and plan on delivering this product in early 2020.


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