Go Farther With Fēnix Power

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Fēnix Power is going through some changes

After two years of learning from our customers, studying the power and EV markets, seeking advisors and investors, we’re getting ready for some big changes.  What you see here, on our new website is a new focus on power and energy.  While this may seem like a big pivot for us, surprisingly our core idea included these uses from inception.

Launching a startup is always a learning experience, and for Fēnix Power, this learning was hunting our first customer opportunity.  Seeking the right fit for the product to launch and take hold is what we’ve been doing.  We initially started with a focus on Electric Vehicles, but what we found was skepticism about launching such a big idea.  Vehicles are hard, complex, and a challenging market, simply watching Tesla’s struggles is a testament to how difficult that market can be.  But that said, we’re NOT giving up on vehicles, in fact, we may have some flagship vehicle interest in the form of real, committed customers.  We’ll share more on that later.

So what’s our focus now?  Our idea has always been about re-thinking energy, and we believe that there may be an opportunity in distributed micro-grids.  Stay tuned for more news about that later!

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