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A common question…

One of the most common questions people ask us is related to transferability for both reservations and for our subscription that is coming very soon. We recognize that as much as everyone seems to love their Leafs, life can change quickly and cars often change owners. With this in mind, we plan to make transfers easy for our customers. We also hope that our future battery architecture will also improve resale value for our customer’s cars, which also means we need to make transitions as simple as possible.

For now, it’s just as simple as letting us know you plan on selling or gifting your car and it’s reservation, and let us know who the new owner or holder of the reservation through our [email protected] address and we’ll take care of the rest. It is important to note that some customers have transferred early reservations with vehicle sales, we make a point of not participating in any cash or value transfer, that is strictly up to the customer, we’re only interested in who the account is assigned to.

After we launch our subscription-based battery solution (coming very very soon!) it will be almost as simple to transfer your subscription, obviously, the payment component makes things a bit more complicated, but we’ll be working to make it as painless as possible. Stay tuned, more about our subscription will be coming this week, we’re quite excited to get the launch off the ground, as I’m sure many of you are too. Don’t have a reservation yet but interested in our subscription? You’re going to need one, go here to get yours today!

-The Fēnix Team

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