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Very Low Battery?

Very Low Battery?

The wait is almost over! I had a great meeting today with our subscription partner that answered the MOST ANTICIPATED question being asked this year:

When will we finally be able to sign up for your battery subscription?

If all goes well, we’ll be opening up signups for CPO Battery Subscriptions next week with deliveries starting in September!

We hope to make this screen a more distant memory for everyone.

So, full disclosure, we announced that we were close to this announcement several weeks back, but unfortunately, the capital partner we were working with fell through. At first glance, that sentence might seem like bad news, but we were in discussions with several potential capital partners, and losing this one opened the door to building a partnership with a better business.

When we make our official launch announcement next week I will share more information about our new partner, but I’m thrilled that we’ve found one that is a better match for Fēnix Power! Unlike the partner that fell through, this one is truly excited about not just our CPO launch, but will be there to help us build something truly new and exciting with our Fēnix battery solution later. This is the kind of partner that they are, not just for us, but for you, our customers:

When we explained that we’ve lost weeks of preparation with the previous company, they came back with a proposal to do a staged launch in order to start customer deliveries faster. What would normally take a month or more to put together, we’re going to get in motion taking days rather than weeks. We will be working with them to put together a staged launch. By starting with a simplified, manual process, deliveries and installation scheduling can begin quickly. This will allow us to build the automation without the distraction of being rushed in the weeks that follow next week’s launch.

If you’re seeing the Very Low Battery screen all too often, and don’t yet have a reservation, be sure to reserve soon. We will be sharing more information about the subscription’s details next week and anticipate a fairly high level of interest.

We will be starting the installations of for customers who signed up for the full purchase of our CPO batteries before the end of August, once we begin accepting subscription signups, all CPO customer scheduling will be integrated together. There are only a few days left before subscriptions begin if you want to beat the rush!

-John Bysinger, and the Fēnix Power Team.

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