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Subscriptions starting!

Subscriptions starting!

We’re incredibly excited to launch our Battery as a Service subscription-based CPO Battery installs this month!

We know many of you have been following our journey, some of you holding reservations waiting patiently for our solution to the high cost of battery replacements: Battery As A Service. We’ve been working with a new financial partner to make our battery subscription possible and to bring a reasonable, affordable, sensible, and worry-free way to leave battery degradation behind.

We know everyone is also still anxious for us to bring our Fēnix battery solution to market, and we’ve struggled through the loss of investors, and through this year’s curveballs, but that is still the goal for all of our customers. A new kind of solution that addresses all of the EV segment’s battery shortcomings. But right now, this month, we’ll finally be able to make good on our commitment to start installs for all of our customers, both pre-paid cash buyers, and our subscribers! This means we’ll be making good on our promise to take on battery worries for our customers today, and help bridge the gap while we still work on the battery of tomorrow.

So watch for our full announcement tomorrow with all of the details of how our CPO Subscription will work, prices, timing, installs, guarantees, installers, everything you’ve all been waiting to see. And the best part? We’re planning on starting our “boarding” for subscribers before the end of July, with install scheduling starting at the end of the month!

Go Farther, with Fēnix, and stay tuned… all of your questions answered tomorrow!

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