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The wait is over! Launching installs!

The wait is over!  Launching installs!

We’ve been pushing hard to get our subscription-based installs, and to do so we need the capital to cover the costs upfront so we can offer our subscription-based installations. While we still make good progress there and will be launching that in the very near future, we’re not going to make our cash-purchase customers wait anymore! Watch for future news about our progress for subscribers, for now, here’s how our cash install launch works!

We’re launching two new products in our online store, one for customers who hold an existing reservation, and one for new customers without a reservation:

We’re offering these cash-purchase installs at a $500 discount for our launch for an affordable total cost of $3999, no hidden fees, shipping and old-pack recycling included! This is for a 24kWh CPO Nissan Battery pack. For our customers that have a reservation already we’re honoring the discounts earned with your early commitments. For those customers their installation cost balance will come due at the time of install, and will vary depending on how early you placed your reservation.

This purchase will work as follows:  We’re going to try to optimize the shipping of batteries to our installers, so please understand that once your purchase we will contact you and connect you with your local installation partner to arrange for installation.  We have tools lead time of about 4 weeks, and a battery shipping lead time of about 2 weeks, but guarantee this purchase will deliver the installation of your certified-pre-owned OEM Leaf battery within 60-90 days of purchase.

What does CPO mean?  We test and evaluate every Leaf pack from our supplier and guarantee a minimum of 9 bars of battery health.  Our goal is to ship 10-11 bar batteries but want to be absolutely transparent about our CPO program.  We test the pack at the supplier, test again at arrival at our installer, and of course, validate it’s performance once installed.  We also include a “2 bars for 2 years” guarantee.  If your CPO battery loses 2 health bars within 2 years of installation, we will replace it again, on us.  This is a no-hassle guarantee for our customers.

All cash purchase customers will be offered the ability to join our subscription program in the months that follow your installation.  For a reasonable monthly fee, we will be providing a hardware dongle and a mobile application that allows us to monitor your batteries health, provide tips for prolonging its life, and include the ability to extend our 2 for 2 guarantees indefinitely.  Subscribers will also get early discounted access to our Fenix battery solution when we bring it to market, this is the solution everyone has been waiting for, active thermal management, customized pack size, range extension, and future-proofed battery experience.

Opting in to these cash installs now does NOT inhibit your access to our other solutions coming soon. We know every customer is interested in more range and a better battery solution, and we’re not slowing down on making that happen, when we’re able to offer swaps to larger Nissan packs, and our own Fenix battery solution, cash purchase customers will get discounted access to those when they come available. We know that many of you are suffering with heavy battery degradation, this is your opportunity to end the wait and get a newer, better battery right away!

We’re very excited about this long-overdue launch, and we know it’s not what we initially planned, but this will give us the leverage we need to access the capital to get our full line of battery solutions to market faster. This allows us to push forward without the investor capital we’ve been waiting for.

Thank you all for your patience with us as we work to adapt to this new changing economy and push through our challenges. This is just the first step of many coming, this is just the beginning!

-John Bysinger
Founder & CEO of Fenix Power

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