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Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mother’s day to any Fēnix moms!

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’ve decided to extend our installation discount one more week until May 17th, while we start reaching out to call our first customers to get installs scheduled. Give the Mom in your world the gift of not having to worry about her EVs battery aging anymore?

And rather than create a new discount code for the Moms, instead we thought it would be a great opportunity to plug Electric Cars are for Girls one more time! So for today, it’s Electric Cars are for Moms instead! Give Lynne Mason’s blog a read and a follow or read our post about them too. But most importantly, get an additional 15% off of your reservation if you use this code:


Combined, the code and reserving now will save you $772.50!

And if you really want to help eliminate even more worrying about energy for the mother in your world, how about buying her a home battery?  Do you really want her to have to go through all the fuss of using a dirty, noisy, and smelly generator the next time her power goes out?  No worries about carbon monoxide poisoning, a strain injury from pull starting it, and paired with a charge controller, she may not even notice when the power goes out at all!  If you want to save a bit of cash when you buy mom her own home battery and use this code so you have enough left over to buy the flowers you forgot to buy today!


Just like the code says: 
The next 10 home storage buyers will get $100 off of their order! 

Watch for another Fēnix email later this week with information about our next video Q&A session too!  We’re inviting a few people who had the highest-rated questions from our last AMA, along with our Patreon Patrons to join us for a LIVE video conference to try out our live streaming tools on a smaller scale before we move forward with our plans to host more live events in the future. This one is invite-only, but coming soon: open-access video events with our CEO, other Fēnix team members, and even a few surprise guests! And don’t worry, if you can’t catch the event live, we’ll be sure to upload it on our YouTube Channel as well.

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