The support we’ve received from Square has left quite a bit to be desired. Since this issue seems to be ongoing and still present, we have enabled our PayPal gateway again. Many thanks to our new customer Anita from out in the Bay area for spending time with us to confirm this issue as well as to identify the following important item for new customers to note:

When using the PayPal payment option in combination with a discount or referral code, follow these steps: once the deposit is added to the cart, do not immediately select the PayPal buttons present at the cart display. Instead select the Checkout button. That will send you to the checkout screen where you can add your code, then scrolling down on the checkout page there is then an option to select the PayPal gateway for processing.

We will continue to push Square for resolution on this persistent issue, but do have another gateway option we’re considering moving to if they do not give a sufficient explanation. We are disappointed that they are not taking the Fenix customer experience as seriously as we do.

-John Bysinger, CEO