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Scavenger Hunt!

We’ve just published a big update to our website, as part of this we’ve revised just about every page on our website. We found a few places where our content very much needed updating too, this update was really needed. We thought it would be a fun idea to hide a discount code somewhere on our website, it’s a sneaky way for us to get everyone to come back and read what’s new, as well as for us to give eager potential new customers an opportunity to SAVE 25%!

So if you have not made a reservation yet but are considering one, go exploring around our website and see if you can find our hidden discount code! To make this fair for previous customers, this code can’t be used with other discounts, and this promotion will only run for a limited time! This discount promotion ends at the end of March. And also if you’ve already reserved, see if you can find the code to share with a friend, you might enjoy reading all the updates along the way!

HINT: It’s at the bottom of a new page.

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