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Welcome to Vermilion

Welcome to Vermilion

As part of our website refresh today, we’re transitioning to our primary Fēnix Power brand’s color: Vermilion. We’ve deliberately chosen a bold, bright red to represent the Fēnix vision. The color’s name comes from a painter’s pigment that uses mercury sulfide to get this bright red tint. Often called Cinnabar, often found near past volcanic activity, the mineral’s origin is within the heat of volcanic change.

Fēnix Power Reborn

And Fēnix is defined by change, we intend to change everything about energy storage in mobility, and along our path, we too have changed. We started as a venture seeking to produce kits to convert commercial pickups to electric vehicles, but couldn’t get customers to commit at such an early stage. We then refined our battery vision and explored using our technology as a range extension for early electric vehicles, but again the costs were too high to attract early interest.

And finally, we were reborn again with a vision to bring our battery vision to where it’s needed most: The aging fleet of Nissan Leafs, and what a deserving place to start. Those of you with these great cars have been left without an answer. Fēnix Power is here to answer that need.

But again, why Vermilion? The red you see on our newly launched site, it represents the distinctive component of the phoenix, the firebird mythology. The Phoenix ends it’s journey in flames, then rising anew from the ashes, whole, better. Fēnix Power follows that philosophy when a path ends, we seek a rebirth, a new direction, addressing a new need but with the same core technology we’re developing.

In a world where every new energy company, every EV and mobility startup, every clean-tech project brand themselves in heavy swaths of green. Fēnix Power stands out as red, bright, bold, powerful, adapting and improving with each challenge. Vermilion is our badge of honor, we’re proud to stand apart from the green movement. And what is more true to the phoenix rebirth story than to deliver new life to the lost Leafs in need of renewal?

Our current challenge is parting ways with an investor who has delayed their commitment for nearly a year, ending that relationship and igniting our search for more passionate capital partners to push installs to market with urgency. To many, red means stop. To Fēnix, our red means go, push past the stop and keep going. We hear you, we’re coming, and we won’t let anything stop us.

That is our Vermilion.

-John Bysinger
Founder & CEO of Fēnix Power

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