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An alternate store option

An alternate store option

We have recently heard from a few customers who have been having difficulty reserving, but our e-commerce solution, WooCommerce, does not seem to be logging errors when this occurs. Since this is not the first time we have had customers experiencing payment issues on our website, we are opting to take advantage of our payment processor Square’s built-in web store feature. If you find yourself experiencing troubles when you reserve, follow the link below for a much more reliable checkout experience. It also provides several other payment options we currently are unable to accept through our website that may prove handy, including Apple Pay, and Google Pay!

We are considering moving our entire web store over to Square, but that will take a bit more integration and time to complete, for now, we believe this may help alleviate some of our customer’s current frustrations.

IMPORTANT! There is currently no parallel method to split the reservation cost on Square the way it currently is on Fenix.Systems, so for all reservations made through this new method, be sure to include the code ‘Reservation’ at checkout to pay the current $150 reservation cost, we will invoice the balance at install regardless of which store you reserve through.

UPDATE (9PM March 8th): We have heard back from several customers that the same order issues persist when using the Square site itself. We have opened a service request with Square to resolve this issue and will update this post when we hear back from them. We apologize for this unfortunate inconvenience.

UPDATE (3PM March 10th): We received a non-answer back from Square, pushing back to try to get real resolution on this for our customers. We apologize for this inconvenience and hope to have this resolved soon. Note: We are still seeing some reservations get processed, but others are still having issues.

UPDATE (6PM Match 12th): Square has reported back that processing should be working properly now, but have not provided any detail on what went wrong. We’re still following up with them to get real resolution with this issue.

-The Fēnix Power Team.

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