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500 Reservations!

500 Reservations!

Actually, we passed 500 last week, with quite a few more than that at the time of this post. For those with recent reservations or are considering reserving, this may sound like a big number and that might make you assume that means a long wait in line. This isn’t the case!

As you may have heard, we have partnered with BigBattery for our solution to bring the much-needed help our customers need while we’re working on our own battery solution. And they have reassured us they have, quite literally, thousands of Nissan battery packs available, and they’re already prepping them for shipping out quickly. We have discussed our goal of helping our customers with an urgent need for help within the first quarter of 2020, and they’re ready to make that happen. We’re going to be announcing our first markets very soon, and then adding locations quickly after.

If you’re already a reservation holder and have asked for priority help, we’ll be reaching out to you very soon with the results. The big takeaway for you from all of this news is this: No one will be denied the priority request, so if you asked, it’s coming! We’re working diligently to ensure that we’re selecting good businesses that we know will treat you well. Our goal isn’t just to ship batteries, we want to deliver excellent experiences. To do that we put great care into ensuring we can trust good people to treat you right.

And finally, we thought you would like to see that, even in the midwest, you’re not alone. We have found that no Fēnix Power customer is an island, you have company nearby, giving our installation partners real reason to get on board. They will be serving more than one of you in every market we bring on board! Here’s a map showing all of our domestic reservation holders, more than 500 of you!

500 Reservations!

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