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What We Will Be Doing Q1 of 2020

What We Will Be Doing Q1 of 2020

I hope you’re as excited as I am about our CEO, John Bysinger’s, recent announcement. In case you missed it, here’s the video:

For those of you who need a quick summary of his announcement, or a quick recap:

One thing John said in his announcement really stood out:

“How many of you get in your car, you push that ‘on’ button, and the first thing you do is look at your battery health gauge, and you wonder, ‘Is today the day I’m going to lose another bar?'” he asked. “It is our job to help take that worry away from you.”

“You get to enjoy your car, and we take care of the worry for you, in a way that’s affordable.”

Everybody at Fenix knows that there are a lot of people counting on us to deliver on that promise. That’s the center of what Fenix is all about. At the same time, we also know that some of you count on your LEAF and can’t wait much longer while we develop our modular battery system.

Sure, we could quickly rig together a quick DIY-style battery pack with spit and bailing wire that could get a LEAF working again with great range, but we can’t in good conscience use our customers as beta testers–not when it’s something as important as their transportation and their safety. We’d rather take the extra time needed to make sure the system is not only working, but is something we’d stake our own family’s safety on.

To make sure our customers are taken care of during this testing time, we want those who can’t wait longer to have another option for the meantime.

This option will be to install newer Nissan OEM LEAF battery packs in your older vehicle for now. The idea is to bring your vehicle’s range a lot closer to what it was new so you can hang in there for now.

To determine which customers are most in need of this short-term solution, we will be distributing a quick survey for all reservation holders to fill out. We won’t be skipping anybody in line, but we will see who is willing and able to wait, and who needs some temporary relief right away.

We will also be gathering other information in the survey about your preferred automotive shops, what you do with your vehicle, and much more. Keep an eye on your inbox!

Also, if you’re wanting to become a reservation holder in the near future, you will also receive a copy of the survey. We aim to take care of all customers who need a battery badly, including our newest customers.

There’s a whole lot more to announce during 2020, both about the details of this battery upgrade program and the modular battery system we are developing for long-term. Please be sure to follow us on social media to stay up to date.

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