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Fēnix & Recycling

Fēnix & Recycling

We are often asked by our customers “What are you doing about recycling?” or “What happens to my old battery and what happens to your batteries when they’re at the end of their life?” and of course, our answer has always been that we’re committed to never throwing cells away. But anyone can say they’re going to do something, words without actions are just words.

We have been searching to find the right recycling partner, and today we are excited to announce our search is over. We have found a recycling partner that not only will recycle our old cells, but they will also take most of them and convert them into use for fixed storage for the grid, businesses, data centers, etc. This is exactly what we’ve been searching for!

Please welcome BigBattery to the Fēnix Power team of environmentally conscious partners! They are a new venture with a solid pedigree in recycling thanks to their leadership’s long history of running a premier industry recycling business prior to founding BigBattery. Their own words say it all:

BigBattery was created to provide affordable, attainable, and sustainable energy solutions worldwide. We believe access to electricity is a basic human right that 1.2 Billion People today lack. Modern technology has made energy creation extremely affordable yet energy storage remains very expensive. The high cost of batteries remains the single greatest hurdle for our worlds mass adoption of clean and reliable energy solutions.

Our mission is to provide high quality energy storage solutions at a fraction of todays market price to promote mass adoption. BigBattery was not made to create value for a few, but rather to share the greatest positive impact for the whole. Our products are designed to serve your needs at a price you can afford. We are your source for power – it’s time you empower the world!

BigBattery is committed to the 2nd-life market of modern chemistry batteries. Today’s EV, HEV, PHEV vehicles often use advanced chemistries to achieve the storage needs today’s vehicles demand. And an EV is a very demanding application for a battery! We charge and discharge our EV batteries daily, and if not daily, we run them from a nearly full charge to nearly depleted. Plus when in use, we expect our packs to deliver lots of power very quickly. And when we stop at a fast charger, we feed them lots of power very quickly!

When you accelerate hard in a Leaf, the battery pack may see as much as 50kW of demand. And we’re all familiar with how temperature can have real impacts on the cells we’re already expecting a lot from. But the interesting part is when you change the use case from EV to something like fixed storage, the performance expectations are very different. An on-site business battery will often see a heavy load, but that demand increases slowly, and they get recharged over longer periods of time. In a power backup scenario, again they’ll charge slowly over time, and when under load, that load is even and drawn out over hours or days. What all this means is once a cell can’t perform well in an EV, it could still see years or even decades of use in a fixed storage installation.

And finally, this partnership allows us to proudly say that every battery that we take out of service will become part of the supply chain of a business that fully complies with stringent industry recycling standards. Our recycling partner maintains a responsible and sustainable business management system in full compliance with R2:2013, ISO 9001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 14001:2015, and practices for responsible recycling.

For more information:

R2:2013 Responsible Recycling

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 14002:2015

BS OHSAS: 18001:2007

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