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A Fēnix Powered Fleet?

A Fēnix Powered Fleet?

We’re really excited by the response we’ve had over this holiday weekend, and while there are still several hours left for the current pricing, we gained 40 new Leaf reservations! That’s a 10% gain in reservations in less than 5 days, absolutely amazing! In all this excitement and looking through our new customer reservations, we noticed something: One of our customers who already had a couple of previous reservations came in yesterday and reserved TEN MORE!

While I can’t share the business name or what they’re doing just yet, this customer has reserved a total of 15 of our Nissan Leaf upgrades. To us, this is huge! We have been working on a package of information for the potential to take our product into fleet sales and fleet management, and as it turns out, one of our customers ran the numbers himself as a fleet operator and concluded that Fēnix Power is what his fleet needs.

We’ve already connected with him to discuss his plans briefly, and are meeting with him again this week to work on shaping what will become a more formal commercial fleet owner/operator program for customers just like him. He’s very excited about what we’re developing here, and we’re going to be discussing the possibility of sharing what he’s doing in our news section soon.

While we know our consumer customers are excited about the proposition of what our battery service subscription model means for them as individuals, we will be able to provide fleet operators with a level of battery data they’ve not yet seen from an EV or any vehicles they’ve operated in their fleets before. Unified billing, management, predictive maintenance scheduling and even integrated on-site charging solutions around the corner.

Fēnix Powered LEAF Fleets coming soon!

We’re looking for other EV fleet operators, Nissan Leaf or otherwise to connect with to learn about your current operations and expense challenges. If you’re currently operating an ICE fleet and are considering a switch to EV, or if you already have a fleet of aging Nissan Leafs, or even Tesla vehicles that are starting to see range impacted by high use miles, we can show you how Fēnix will change the way you’re planning around your Power needs.

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