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The Electric Speed Shop Interviews us!

The Electric Speed Shop Interviews us!

The driving force behind The Electric Speed Shop, Stan Durk sat down with our CEO John Bysinger for a Q&A session about Fēnix Power, Startup, EVs and how we got to where we are today. The Electric Speed Shop is currently an EV news and information effort to help promote the idea of converting classic cars to electric power. Stan himself is a MOPAR muscle car fan and hopes to build a conversion shop of his own soon, with that in mind he does case-study articles going over the what and how of converting various cars to a battery-electric drive train. Like his interview with our CEO you’ll also find some great long-form interviews with people all around the EV community. Definitely worth finding The Electric Speed Shop on your favorite platform and give them a follow!

The Electric Speed Shop Q&A with Fenix Power

In the interview, John talks about his long time interest in electric vehicles, watching and waiting for the EV market to grow, and how starting his own EV conversion drove him to create Fēnix Power. You’ll also read about how, while working on his conversion seeing the expense and limitations of batteries available for DIY EV builders, he was inspired to develop our Battery as a Service model. It’s a great peek into the origins of Fēnix, as well as some hints at the great things that will come later.

And if you’re an EV fan like we are, give Stan and The Electric Speed Shop a follow or share! You can find them here:

Twitter : @TheElectricSS

Facebook : The Electric Speed Shop

Instagram : @electricspeedshop

Podcast : https://anchor.fm/ElectricSS

Email : [email protected]

The Electric Speed Shop

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