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Our CEO @ PitchBreakfast!

Our CEO @ PitchBreakfast!

On Wednesday last week our CEO, John Bysinger, gave a presentation about Fēnix Power at the Charlotte startup event PitchBreakfast. He discussed the Fēnix goal of addressing the EV market need for a large scale, reliable, and affordable aftermarket battery solution for EVs that are no longer covered by their manufacturer’s warranty. He went on to discuss how currently auto manufacturers and their closed and expensive parts replacement options will quickly turn automobiles into disposable consumer items similar to cell phones. Flashy high tech toys that are tossed aside and recycled when their battery is worn out. With the common EV market goal of expanding EV adoption, this attitude is counterproductive not only for the environment but also a horrible way to treat people who are already EV believers!

With this event being a startup business focused gathering, John also provided details on our Battery as a Service business model, our get-to-market roadmap, and our ever-expanding customer interest. But he also stressed the urgency of our customer’s need for a solution, and what it takes to quickly bring them the help that is so desperately needed. After fielding a variety of business and market-related questions from the group, Fēnix Power gained quite a few new followers and introductions from the Charlotte business community. Overall it was a very warm welcome for Fēnix and a very positive response from everyone there.

You can find out more about @Fēnix at @PitchBreakfast through their post about the event, and give them a follow, they will be sharing the video of John’s presentation on YouTube soon!

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