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Fēnix Power on TorqueNews!

Fēnix Power on TorqueNews!

We’re thrilled with the latest article on Fēnix Power covering our latest announcement about our partnership with ChargeShare. Al Castro of the Sgt Al’s Traffic Ticket Blog fame has written a very flattering article about us on TorqueNews! You can read his article here:

Fenix Power and ChargeShare Make a Game Changing Alliance for BEV Batteries and Public Charging Options

If you don’t know who Al Castro is, and you’re an auto enthusiast, EV enthusiast, enjoy informative information about law enforcement, or simply like having entertaining and informative posts in your feed, you really should follow him! His posts cover a wide variety of topics, and always entertain. You can find him through his various presence points online, listed below. Help us show him our appreciation by giving him a follow on your favorite social media platform!

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