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Local Installation

One of our most common questions is about where our Nissan LEAF battery installation. “Where do I take my car for the installation? Do I have to go all the way to North Carolina?” And the short answer is NO! The installation will be near you!

The way our installations and service will work is we will find a business that is local to you to perform the work. We also recognize that many of you are living with a very limited range with your aging batteries. With that in mind, we will contact each of you weeks ahead of your installation to work out the details. We will find out what your LEAF’s specific limitations are, and work to find an install partner that works best for you. In many cases, there are already customers with reservations in your area, but if not, we’ll still find a business close to you that you can trust to work on your car.

We have more than 60 prospective installation partners we’re evaluating and will be announcing official installation partners throughout 2020 as we expand to markets across North America.

Wondering where we are already? Check out our current customer map!

Fenix Customers are now in nearly 30 states and 4 provinces!

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If you have a local automotive business that you trust, even if they’ve never worked in an Electric Vehicle, let us know! We’re building a training package for our installation partners that will teach them everything they need to know to take care of your Fēnix Power battery system. We’re even going to provide them with additional LEAF training to familiarize them with the systems in your car, enabling them to begin to transition to service the next generation of automobiles!

If you or someone you know runs an automotive service business in your area and you’re interested in becoming a Fēnix Power installation and service partner business, contact us to get on our early distribution list when more information is ready for you.

Contact us at [email protected] Please put ‘Recommend” or “Installation Partner” in the subject line.