Go Farther With Fēnix Power

Turn a LEAF into an EV Corvette!

We at Fēnix Power are proud to announce a new addition to our referral program.


Every Pre-Order Reservation referred for our Nissan Leaf Battery as a Service now counts towards a discount on our Electric-Converted C5 Corvette!

Reserve yours now!

Already have a reservation?  No Problem!  You’re already part of our program!  Check your email, your code and referral link may already be there!

So how is this going to work?  Simple, we’re anticipating a yearly demand of more than 5,000 battery replacements per year, and we’re just starting to get the word out.  So we’re building out our referral program and to include earning your way into one of our C5 Corvette Electric Conversions, for referring Nissan LEAF customers!

Why would you want an EV Corvette if you already have a LEAF?  First:  Why not??  And second:  Most of us love promoting EV, and what better way to do it with an iconic car like a Corvette?  And the big one:  It uses the same great battery modules and service that our LEAF battery uses!

Reserve and Enter!

Some Fine Print:  Corvettes come with a free 5-year service subscription for both cars. Full details of the referral program, points, awards, and details on the Corvette and it’s delivery provided to reservation holders.