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Our Leaf Solution

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And now as you drive the car that set the standard for the affordable EV, Nissan keeps raising the price on their battery replacement.  From $5,000 to $6,000, then $6,500, now it’s $7,000 with a $1,200 installation cost?  Is Nissan abandoning the customers that believed in them when EV was new?

The Leaf is a great car, and if it weren’t for losing those dreaded battery capacity bars, it could probably stay on the road for decades.  When you’re faced with a battery replacement cost that’s higher than your blue book value, what do you do?

We at Fēnix Power have been working hard for the last several years to solve this problem.  By applying a completely new way of thinking about EV energy storage we can solve:

  • Battery Degradation
  • Expensive Battery Replacement

We make the battery serviceable, reliable, intelligent, and maintain it for you for many years to come.

Let us worry about your “Battery Bars” so you don’t have to.

Introducing Fēnix Power’s

Battery as a Service.

With our Service, which is NOT a lease or a battery rental, we monitor, analyze, and maintain your battery as long as you subscribe.  And for a MUCH lower price than Nissan’s battery replacement, which will STILL degrade!

How much lower is the price?  That’s up to you, there are three options:

  • Buy your Batteries:  $1,500 installation,  approximately $6,000 for the Fēnix Power battery modules, or $2,000 for the certified pre-owned Nissan battery packs, and a reasonable monthly service plan.*
  • Buy your Batteries over time: $1,500 installation, around $200 per month depending on battery pack technology, payoff terms and duration, and then a much lower monthly service plan.*
  • Simply Subscribe:  $1,500 installation, and a monthly service cost of LESS THAN $99 per month.*

Find out more about Fēnix, our Battery as a Service, and our Leaf solution in our FAQ.

We are taking deposits now for early adopters, and plan on bringing our solution to market by Q2 2020!  

Place your order today, Installation is only $1,500!  customers who pre-order before production get their deposit AND installation for ONLY $750.

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Customers reserving now get an 50% savings!

(Above link is for U.S. and Canada customers only, International customers reserving today receive a 50% savings on our International Battery Reservation.)

*Pricing is still under development and subject to change, pricing based on a 24kWh leaf replacement purchase and/or subscription, all deposits are refundable, see FAQ for more details.