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Nissan Leaf Battery Pack Announcement

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Are you the owner of an aging Nissan LEAF.  We’re very much focused on our Nissan Leaf product, we were originally planning on keeping that product under wraps for a while, at least until after our big fund-raise, but in light of the recent news about Nissan raising the cost of battery pack replacement (https://www.mynissanleaf.com/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=25882 ) from $5499 to around $8500, we’ve decided to start taking deposits on a whole-pack replacement product for the Nissan Leaf.
Many of you may have come here from various Nissan forums and have seen other Leaf owners in a panic about this new higher cost, well we’re here to tell you that soon you’ll have another alternative, one that is MUCH more affordable than Nissan’s pack.   Our goal is to have it developed and ready for early-adopter customers by the end of Summer next year.  But we ARE going to be taking deposits and reservations for early adopter customers starting immediately.  Which is also why we are here now sharing this with you.   Leaf owners may jump on this quickly before long the deep discount group slots may be gone quickly, you can share the link below directly to the deposit page if you know others that you think would be interested in signing up:
First and foremost, if you are going to, or if you know someone that does want to sign up, please tell them to be sure to include a good email address and phone number aswe will be calling every single reservation when installations are in progress to cover any questions and to schedule the installation itself.
Now here’s the really exciting part:  We’re starting with an agressive discount for early adoptoers, but the cost at the time of install will likely be around $1,500.  Much less than buying a pack new, or used, from any other source.   Ok but what about this monthly fee? We’re launching our early Battery as a Service paired with certified and tested previously used 24kWh Nissan Leaf battery packs.  This is an interim solution to both launch our Battery as a Service business model, as well as to get help to customers suffering from battery degradation today.  As a subscriber to our Battery as a Service, we provide a degradation guarantee for our certified packs.  If after we install a certified battery and our subscribers experience too many lost battery health bars, we will replace the battery again, install costs are on us.  We worry about degradation so you don’t have to!  We will also be offering a “Cash Purchase” with an optional lower cost montly subscription. For these customers the installation of a certified quality replacement battery for an affordable $3500, and an optional subscription cost comparable to your favorite video streaming service.
All subscribers will qualify for our own Fēnix Power developed battery solution that we’ll be bringing to market later.  No need to make a second reservation to get the updated battery solution.  Our pack is going to be made up of smaller, intelligent, modules that can “phone home” their status where we can monitor their health remotely, if at any time it looks like a single cell is starting to lose capacity, we will send a replacement module and schedule a time with a local service company to swap the module for you, free of charge.  By maintaining the pack in this way, it will NEVER degrade noticeably and ALWAYS stay at peak performance.  You’ll never have to replace your whole pack again.  And you’ve seen the way the rest of the car “wears”, with this in mind, it’s possible that the car will last 200, 300, maybe 500,000 miles, possibly 1,000,000 miles with proper care.  This has the potential to positively impact resale value as well, the service will be transferable with the sale, imagine selling a used leaf with a perfect pack that will stay perfect?  We’re targetting the subscription for both our early certified batteries and our own Fēnix Power batteries to be under $100 and over time lower the subscription costs as we scale with more customers.

NOTE:  We are using a scaled deposit release, early adopters will get a greater discount on their deposit.  The deposit pays for your pack install, at the time of conversion you’ll simply start paying for the service, with the first month free.

Units 1-100 will have a $150 deposit.  [SOLD OUT]

Units 101-400 will have a $300 deposit. [SOLD OUT]

Units 401-production will have a $750 deposit.

After we’re in production we will have a $1,500 deposit.  

Click here to make a deposit today!