Go Farther With Fēnix Power


Fēnix Power has a bold vision to redefine the landscape of energy storage by transforming the biggest obstacle to electric vehicle adoption and acceptance into a subscription-based service model. With this novel approach with a single business model, we can reduce EV cost of entry, eliminate costly service events, eliminate battery degradation pain for consumers, and bring a new era of data analytics into energy storage and management.

Fēnix Power is beginning where we’re needed most, with the Nissan LEAF. Recognized industry-wide as the first truly mass-market electric vehicle with a sales record to prove it, and loved by early adopters and EV newcomers alike. This well-engineered and respected car has made a name for itself worldwide as a dependable and lovable vehicle. However, like many other electric vehicles, the Nissan LEAF has an Achilles heel: It suffers from battery degradation, and it’s first years of production are now past manufacturer warranty support. Nissan is neglecting its customer fan base by providing the only current option to remedy horribly degraded batteries, at a cost that is often higher than the blue-book value of the car.

Fēnix Power is here to show these EV fanatics that Nissan isn’t their only option, there is another way, a better way, the Fēnix Power way. We remove the last-generation technology stock battery from the vehicle and replace it with a modern solution. One that is modular, serviceable, monitored remotely, and bundle this hardware answer into a fully-featured software solution: Battery as a Service. Our customers will be able to subscribe to the level of energy storage their life and their budget requires. A simple monthly payment based on kWh of storage installed covers their battery, and it’s indefinite maintenance, guaranteeing a performance that continuously stays fresh and importantly: usable.

We have spoken to customers whose cars had 80+ miles of range when new, who often experience less than 50, 40, and even less than 30 miles of usable range with no recourse other than a high price tag replacement from Nissan. They have watched their accessible world shrink year by year, all while the rest of their car is nearly new! These cars often reach 100,000 miles on their original brake pads, and the only service they require is tires, wiper blades, and windshield washer fluid.

Fēnix Power is looking to have conversations with accredited investors about how they can be a part of this revolution, beginning with the LEAF, and fixed storage markets, and expanding into any market where the costly battery and battery replacement is an obstacle. We have a newly revised business model with an interim battery solution that gets us to revenue within weeks of a capital injection rather than after years of R&D.

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