Go Farther With Fēnix Power

Fēnix Power is hiring soon

Fēnix Power is a fast-growing startup building a new technology solution with a large market opportunity that intends to disrupt a 9 figure industry. We have a great team and are getting ready to bring in more passionate people who are ravenous to learn, unafraid to be bold, and absolutely love next-generation car and energy technology.

We will be posting specific job requisites here soon, but the kind of people we’re looking for aren’t the kind who will wait for that. What you will find below is a laundry list of interests, technologies, buzzwords, attention grabbers, and other things not usually found on a CV or Resume’. Have a look, read between the lines, or even imagine a role we’re not even hinting at, and drop us a line at the address below. In the subject line give us the make, model, and year of your all-time favorite vehicle, and in the body, tell us why. Oh, it might help to include some professional information about you too… but seriously, what’s YOUR dream car?

The List:

  • Cars. Trucks. SUVs. Vans. Motorcycles. If it is (or was) street legal, knowledge here is important. We don’t care about brand loyalty, or how narrow or broad your interest is, but a passion for vehicles is required for admission.
  • Volts, Ohms, Amps, Farads, Coulombs. This isn’t your 5v digital stuff, we’re talking about enough electrons to kill you. Sounds fun right?
  • LTE, NBIoT, IPv6, Layers 1-4 or Layers 5-7, FEC, QAM, OFDM, OSPF, SDR, SDN, 80X.XX, sniffers, buffers, proxies and gateways, oh my! How well you know how to communicate?
  • Video, Audio, VLOG, BLOG, cast, stream, shout, snap, gram, and tweet, more about the mirror selfie or is it about orchestration and hacking the A/B? How loud can you learn and redirect your message?
  • The original LEAN, the Toyota Method, Kanban, Poke Yoke’, zero defects, SQC, Six Sigma, ISO, bottlenecks and SMED, parallel and iterate, pull vs push, what have you made?
  • Matrices, and flatfiles, bigdata and blockchain, SQL, NoSQL, how do you wrangle your bits and bytes?
  • Subtractive and additive, layer deposition or extrusion, tool and die, inject or cast, CAD/CAM/FEA and beauty. If the form is impossible, does the design matter? If the design matters, can you innovate the form?
  • Can you sell me this pen I’m holding in an all digital world? Forget the pen, how do you get us to open the door, so you can show us how you close?
  • Have no idea what 90% of the above means? Don’t care? Ready to make Fēnix Power a household name? Pick something from above that you don’t know, go learn about it. What’s the most exciting thing you just discovered by doing that?

Still reading? Good. Now you know what to do with this:

[email protected]