Go Farther With Fēnix Power

Fēnix Power

Two great cars, one great battery system.

At Fēnix Power we believe that the battery isn’t a part of the car, instead, it’s part of the fuel.   To be part of the fuel it needs to be universal, the same power fits many cars.  So we’re building a universal fuel system, a Power System that adapts to ANY Electric Vehicle.  We’re going to prove this by putting the same battery system in both Chevrolet Corvettes and Nissan LEAFs, and later, other EVs.

Electric Vehicle Challenges:

  • Expensive batteries make EVs expensive!
  • OEM is your only choice for a replacement, making them expensive!
  • Not being able to work on your own car is expensive!
  • Replacing an entire pack when a few cells are bad is expensive!

The Fēnix Power System solves them all:

  • Our Battery as a Service program makes them affordable!
  • We give the OEM some competition, making them affordable!
  • You can service your own car’s modules, much more affordable!
  • You can replace individual modules, definitely more affordable!

We also add many more modern features a modern power system should have.