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The Fēnix Power C5

 We are proud to announce that we are taking deposits on our inaugural run of C5 Corvette Conversions, and Conversion Kits.  This limited edition run is our “Collectors Series”, and these cars are sure to catch the eye of any automotive collector.  Our first run will only produce wholly unique automobiles, owners of these early cars will have the option to have a unique combination of body style, color, accessories and of course performance.  We are working with a custom automotive paint specialist to produce 5 captivating and attention-grabbing paint options that will only be available through Fēnix Power.

But why a Corvette?  For our flagship, we wanted to select an American made icon.  We considered a variety of makes and models including pickup trucks.  Once we selected a make and model, we researched the car thoroughly, including things such as style, performance, resale value, and sales numbers.  After quite a bit of deliberation, we chose the fifth generation Corvette (C5) because it is such a classic example of the peak of American automotive engineering.  Additionally, we wanted a platform where we could showcase our modular battery solution in a way that makes the battery a primary focus of the car.  The Corvette’s rear transmission layout allows us to move the motor closer to the rear axle, and use the open space under the hood, as well as in the trunk and in the space opened up by the removed gas tank.  Our modules will be easy to service, accessible from above, and will serve to show the industry how you can make a battery flexible, serviceable, and something to show off.  We’re excited to get further in the development of these cars and show everyone what our battery system can do to transform how people think about EV batteries.

There are 5 color groups, available in coupes or convertibles, and a matching color-stitched leather interior.   There are also 3 performance stage options, from mild to wild.  Stage 3 cars will have the option of including a gorgeous Fēnix dominating the hood of the car indicating that these are the best of the best that Fēnix Power has to offer.  We will begin our production run with these Collectors Series cars, limited in number, and they will hold a special place in our hearts and we hope a special place in your garage or collection as they represent the launch of our business and what we hope will be a huge leap forward in Electric Vehicle thinking.

After we complete our Collectors Series conversions, we will be offering the option of having Fēnix Power convert your Corvette for you.  Or you can choose our kit option,  for those dedicated mechanics who are the only wrench that touches their vehicles.  If you’re interested in having Fēnix Power convert your car, make a kit reservation, and we will be contacting each of you about options and shipping or installation when we’re closer to production.   As the founder of Fēnix Power, I started this journey because I spent 10 years waiting for the Electric Vehicle market to mature and couldn’t find a quality, performance-minded, complete DIY vehicle conversion kit.  So I made it my mission to deliver exactly that to the true automotive enthusiasts who want the newest generation of performance technology in their cars.  When you really want the best in power, choose Fēnix Power.

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