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Your EV Life

Thank you for sharing more about your Electric Vehicle experience. Your answers to our surveys will assist in helping customers just like you trapped by the world-shrinking impacts of heavily degraded batteries. Central to our battery solution is providing real, affordable solutions to EV owners who fear their next lost battery health bar. We plan on using your feedback to quickly and efficiently help those in need without unfairly forcing others down the waiting list.

Many of our reservation holders have asked if they can schedule their installation later than their expected turn in line. This presents an opportunity to focus on where we’re needed first. If you are among those that are not in a hurry to replace your battery, please let us know through the first survey listed below. If you hope to get your Leaf included in our urgent installs list, there is one very important step after the last question in that first survey.

That last step is to simply email us a photo of your battery status display, a screenshot from LeafSpy, or both. At the end of the survey, you will learn where to send these photos.

Don’t forget this step!

On to the surveys!

Below you will find links to several of our surveys, all of these are optional, meaning they are not a requirement for access to our products and solutions. We strongly encourage each of you to participate in any or all of them if possible as we plan to apply the knowledge we learn here to improve our customer’s experience with our products and their services. All of the solutions we have in development have a singular focus: To improve the EV experience for everyone, help us deliver on that goal.

We will add additional surveys here over time. You may see some focused on a specific area of the EV experience, or seeking to clarify something we previously asked.

Thank you!

Reservation holders only:

Available now:

Coming soon;

NOTE: In our efforts to provide help where it is needed most, we will not reduce the priority of a reservation position in any installation queue without it’s associated holder opting-in to that action. All reservations placed in or before 2019 are specific to our future battery product and do not guarantee an exact position in our queue for other offers. We reserve the right to offer early-access benefits to our long-time reservation holders.