Go Farther With Fēnix Power

CPO Nissan Leaf Packs

We have had quite a few questions about our recently announced plans to start customer installs with Certified Pre-Owned Nissan Leaf battery packs. So here we’re going to address all of those questions and more!

First, this does not change our plans to bring our own, better battery pack to the Nissan Leaf. Our own solution is still in progress, albeit delayed until 2021. However, we’re here with immediate help for our customers whose lives have been severely limited by battery degradation, in some cases as much as 80%!

Our solution works like this. We inspect and test good quality, but used packs, to go into our customer’s cars who need help now. This will allow us to spin up our subscription payment model and deliver a degradation warrantee on every battery we install. We get to make good on our original promise to deliver peace of mind to our customers, and we still take on the worry so you don’t have to.

It’s important to note that customers opting for a CPO Nissan pack still hold their place in the reservation line for the Fēnix next-generation replacement pack that we have in development. And if they’ve chosen to be a subscriber, there’s no second installation cost when that conversion occurs.

Our subscribers get both a worry-free battery experience, but they also get a no-cost step into the new technology when it’s ready for the public. Now, not everyone will opt for our subscription to purchase the CPO Nissan packs, and that’s OK. We have an optional cash-purchase path for them. Our all-inclusive cash purchase option will pay for the new pack, the labor of the installation, and include a limited degradation warranty similar to what our subscribers will enjoy. Plus, they will have a lower cost subscription option if they want to enjoy the same long-term degradation warranty and gain access to other subsciption-only features coming in the future.

Customers opting out of this CPO pack option and prefer to wait for our Fēnix battery later will retain any pre-order discounts they were offered when they placed their deposit.