Go Farther With Fēnix Power


Last year we announced a partnership announcement with ChargeShare and completed an acquisition of ChargeShare in September of 2019. Below you can learn what this means for both ChargeShare and Fēnix Power customers in the coming months and years. First, here is a bit more background on ChargeShare and the goals they are working towards:

ChargeShare believes that electric vehicles are the future of transportation and is working with local businesses and government to provide fast, convenient, and safe charging locations for everyone. They are building a first-of-its-kind crowd-funding platform that enables EV and non-EV owners alike to be part of the electric vehicle revolution and profit from its success.

ChargeShare is fully committed to driving the adoption of electric vehicles through fast and affordable charging solutions. Their chargers will be located within cities as well as high-speed corridors to accommodate different situations, and their customers will be able to take advantage of amenities such as shopping, parks and other points of interest.

And finally, ChargeShare customers will be able to drive coast to coast using high-speed fast chargers powered by renewable energy and allow owners more control of their energy and storage needs. With 375 charging locations planned over the next couple of years, customers all around the country will be able to enjoy access to this innovative new charging network.

We at Fēnix Power are very excited about acquiring ChargeShare in September of 2019, and look forward to showing the combined power of our unique service models. Individually we both had compelling services that bring value to our customers, together we bring convenience and worry-free EV ownership to a new level.

The new Fēnix Power that is the integration of these two businesses is just the beginning of how we will be enabling each other beyond just a paired service. We look forward to sharing more details on our plans for the future and the exciting solutions we will be working on together in the coming months and years.